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Bloody Jamie Oliver and his cookware [23 Jun 2008|01:23pm]
We bought this spanking new fry pan thingy yesterday, and it's got that stupid red dot in it, and it's all non-stick or whatever. So I tried to fry my usual scrambled eggs with baked beans on 4 slices of buttered toast.

But the egg went all nicely cooked and stuck together, it didn't go all clumpy like it usually does. And it wasn't burnt. There was no flavour because I didn't have to use much oil.

It tastes all wrong now!!! I will go back to using my crappy metal saucepan with bits of old food still stuck to it a bit, where the temperature's all wrong (I just guess when to put stuff in) and the egg comes out in little bits instead of an omelette type thing.

Hmmm... skipped school today. Rents won't be too pleased if they find out. Oh well. I'm vaguely doing school work. Not really.
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[22 Jun 2008|04:56pm]
Wow I feel so dead.  It's been a rough three weeks - lots of assessments and stuff.  I have something super big coming up on Tuesday but I'm not too worried.  I'll pull through - if I put in some very late (early..?) nights. 

I went to the opening of the Apple Store in Sydney.  It was prettay sweet.  Got a free T-shirt!  And had some really good McDonalds....

Man I'm hungry.  I could kill for some legit woodfire gourmet pizza.  But alas it is not to be.  And I just ate my last Mentos.  I bought it cos they're sposed to be the freshmaker, cept this was a fruit one and was basically a lolly with no breath freshining qualities to it.  What a waste of $1.60.

Everyone I'll post your letters this week, after I finish my final exam.  Two days to go!  Then I get to start studying for Trials straight after... then it's the big HSC.  Eeek.

BUT I am going on Study Camp in two weeks!  That's something to look forward to.  Yay.
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Memoirs of a Geisha. What a scam! [07 Jun 2008|06:08pm]
This has got to top the list of the most misleading book I have ever read.

After Forbidden Love, which was explicitedly stated as an autobiography, but most of it turned out to be made up.  You  may have heard of it.

Anyways, back to Memoirs of a Geisha:

From the Translator's Note (whatever that's supposed to mean):

".... nearly fifty years in the future, one among them [a geisha] would become my good friend and would dictate her extraordinary memoirs to me."

"As a scholar of Japan, I had encountered Sayuri's name, though I  knew almost nothing about her.  Our friendship grew, and she confided in me more and more.  One day I asked if she would ever permit her story to be told.
    'Well, Jakob-san, I  might, if it's you who records it,' she told me."

"So it was that we began our task.  Sayuri was clear that she wanted to dictate her memoirs rather than write them herself, because, as she explained, she was so accustomed to talking face-to-face that she would hardly know how to proceed with no one in the room to listen.  I agreed, and the manuscript was dictated to me over the course of eighteen months.'


From the acknowledgements:

"Memoirs of a Geisha is a novel and the character of Sayuri and her story are my own inventions."

WHY?!?!?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR READERS!?!?!?  I read the entire NOVEL thinking the entire thing was LEGIT, thinking it had all happened to someone.


AAAHH IM SO FRUSTRATED!!!  But I guess I would've read it differently if I knew it were fiction.  Still, I feel horribly mislead and confused.  Someone please explain to me why this was done.
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Bugger it [04 Jun 2008|08:10pm]
Sorry to all the people I'm writing letters to, I've got exams spread out over the next 5 weeks or so, it's a bit hectic.  Will get on it once those finish.  I'm planning to include some cool and unique stuff, so it'll be worth the wait.  Maybe.  If anyone wants to me added to the list let me know.

YES I'm finishing High School really, really soon (few months) and we're trying to organise stuff for the formal but it's a mess.  Whatever.  Don't really care.  Yes I do.

I'm applying for this huge scholarship for Architecture at the University of New South Wales.  I get $15,000 a year to spend on whatever I like for 3 years, get to go to a load of social functions and do work experience with Architecture firms and.  It's a huge thing (co-op scholarship, if you've heard of it) that HEAPS of people apply for, and you need to get a really high final mark as well as have a load of extracurricular activities under your belt, especially leadership stuff.

I think I'm in with a chance.  $15,000 a year!  What easy money!  It means I have the option of moving out, I can finally get my laptop and all the camera equipment I want.  I think I'll probably end up investing most of it though.  That's fun too I suppose.

Wow.  Life is good if these are the worst of my troubles. 
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Hello! [28 May 2008|07:30pm]
I'm doing that thing where you give me your address and then I send you free stuff.

Yes, that's right!  Leave a comment to this post, and I will write you a lovely letter, including what I like about you, and maybe something funky like a ... bookmark.  Sorry, I'm kinda poor.

You don't need to post your address here if you don't want to, if I contact you just email it to me or something.

I don't care where you live!  Yes, I will fork out the $5 of whatever it is to ship things to the U.S. 

Oh, and I take back the poor comment.  In fact I am extremely rich, richer than 95% of the world's population because I have $240 in my bank account.  How cool/sad is that?!

So please leave a comment!  And I will get back to you guys as soon as possible. 

P.S. Yesterday I bought Memoirs of a Geisha for $1!  Bargain!
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My interesting life x10 [27 May 2008|08:52pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Saw Made of Honour.  It's alright.  It kept getting worst once the Scottish thing kicked in.

Saw Vanity Fair.  Very good!  Reese Witherspoon's acting is very, very good.

I'm walking down the street, and this guy tells me that I'm very beautiful, asks for my number and if I have a boyfriend.  Only problem is that he's 32 :(

Haha, there's a bit more to the conversation than that but I'm not really bothered to go into it.

Now onto a more interesting topic:


GAARGH.  I have a friend at school who told someone in my grade to go back to her own country.  She has made many crude and insulting remarks about peoples race, and most of my grade consider her racist.

The women who work at Anglicare (a second hand charity clothing shop) loudly refer to women in the shop by their race.  'Oh, maybe it's that Chinese woman over there.'  'I wonder what country she comes from?'  And also, mocking peoples accents.  There was this old Korean lady in there who couldn't speak English very well and they were mocking her and mimicking her accent.

Would you consider them racist?  You can't exactly ask them.  No one thinks they're racist.

But I think in a majority of peoples minds is this hierarchy of race.  People tend to see Skips (white people) at the top.  No one likes to see a public school slowly overtaken by Asians.  That's a common complaint about selective schools in Sydney, they have a very high number of Asians in them.  Are these people racist?

Gah I don't know, this makes my brain hurt and it's not really that important anyways.  People are people.  The motto is don't be judgemental.

The end.

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So yesterday night I took apart my Mighty Mouse [25 May 2008|10:12am]
My scroll thingy hasn't worked for ages, probably about a year.  So I was fishing around on the Apple site and quite a few people seemed to be having the same problem.  I'd gotten over it a long time ago but seeing all the posts kind of infuriated me into action.

I spent about 2 hours last night (at least) getting my scroll to work!  GAH.

I'm sure many of you have them so here's what you should do:

1. Clean it with a wet cloth
2. Stick a pin/toothpick inside around the rim and get all the gunk outta there
3. Turn your mouse upside down and roll it on a clean sheet of paper (this one's really good)
4. Try cleaning it with a bit of alcohol but NOT Windex

And if all else fails... open up the damn thing.

That's what I ended up doing.  Now, that thing is not meant to open!  It's superglued together.  But it's pretty cool once you do, and now it works fine!  I wasn't bothered to glue it back together, so now my mouse is being held together with sticky tape.

So yes.  You'll need a thin knife, a small screwdriver and some sticky tape.  Fun fun!

OH I watched the new Indiana Jones movie on the day it came out, and despite what the critics say, I really enjoyed it!  It was a good movie.  All of it.  Including the ending.  Go watch it, it's a fun afternoon.  It didn't exactly have much substance or make me think particularly hard, but that's kind of to be expected.
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Writer's Block: Friends and acquaintences [17 May 2008|08:48pm]
What differentiates a friend from an acquaintance? When does one become the other?
An acquaintance becomes a friend when you genuinely care about them and go out of your way to keep in touch with them.

Your thoughts please!

I got my report on Friday, it was okay, I saw it all coming and I pretty much deserved it.  The only thing I'm ACK about is my English rank, which was 33 last year.  That is really good in my school because it's a selective school and top of the State.  But this year I'm 93.  Some how I've dropped 60 places!  All because I've had two assessment tasks which didn't go too well. 

So yeah I'm very annoyed about that.  But then again I somewhat deserved it.  Not really.

All in all I'm pretty much get to get into the course I want, so no sweat.  In fact I should get in with ease and have a few UAI points lying around doing nothing. 

OH and yesterday and today I caught up on Gossip Girl!!  It's getting good, although next week is the season finale :(.  Man, I love the fashion and the music.

And I watched Enchanted today!  It was WAY better than the trailer made it out to be.  I thought the direction was fantastic - so many cool camera angles, the cinematography was spot on and I loved the art.  Patrick Dempsey was wonderful, actually all the cast were.  It was very well cast.  I thought it would be full of cheesy, slapstick American humour but wasn't, it was more a beautifully done parody that was still wonderful to watch.  We all knew what would happen, but what made the difference between this and all the other rubbish movies was the art, music, direction, etc.  It was just lovely to watch.  I watched all the credits, taking in the music and the lovely artwork.

I have a very important maths test on Monday which is worth 30% of my final school mark in my final year of high school, so yeah, kinda important.  Not too worried though!  Maybe I should be.  Whatever.

Have a lovely week everybody!
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eeeek life is great (not) (yes) [15 May 2008|05:47pm]
So I ended up going to that party I was going on about, it was alright to pretty good.

Life has been hopping along fine.  Good friends, good food, good marks, whatever.  Just trying to get through my last year of high school y'know. 

I've decided that fanatical Twilight fans are a pathetic lot. 

They seem to mostly consist of girl teens who like Harry Potter (but are not crazy about it like me), have self-esteem issues and are all ... girly and like to giggle a lot.

It annoys me.

Yes, they are good books!  Yes, I get excited about pictures and trailers and seeing people read them on public transport.  But I'm not about to go start a bloody podcast about it.  They're not that great.

Agree?  Disagree? 

Oh, and yesterday I discovered that one of my friends is a Liberal Supporter.  I suppose that would be the equivalent of a Republican?  Whichever one Obama and Clinton aren't.  I was surprised, because she's the only one I know.  I am a leftie!  But then I figured it fits her because she's rich.  But it was still a bit surprising.

OH and this weekend I think I'm going to get my Ls!  How exciting!  I am a year and a half late, but hey, I'm getting things going now.

Sorry I have nothing interesting to write about.  Give me a topic in the posts and I'll post at least three paragraphs on it.  :D  Anything, seriously!
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This made me think hard [13 May 2008|10:17pm]
Three things I find attractive on a man: Not being confident in themselves (not cocky, unsure of themselves), a thirst for knowledge, being passionate about something
Three things I can't stand to touch: Road kill, infections, body sweat.
Three things I want to learn: Jazz piano, the situation in the Middle East, lots more about religion.
Three things I wished I'd never learned/had to learn: Nothing. I have no regrets yet.
Three things I want right now: a dSLR, a hug, to finish reading The Power of One.
Three things I want out of life: Success, my own family, to be happy and enjoy the moment.

Your turn my friends!  Leave it in the comments and/or post it on your own LJ.
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So who wants to hear a very long and boring story? [08 May 2008|04:59pm]
Wow, all of a sudden I am Miss Popularity, I've been invited to two partys on Sat night.  But the problem is, my mum is overseas and I have to ask my dad, and of course there is no way he is going to let me.

I asked him if on Saturday night I could go out for dinner with some friends, and he was all, will there be boys?  I said, probably.  And then he wanted all these details like where, when, who etc. 

The problem is - I really don't like lying!!  Not just like, have you brushed your teeth?  But this will be a pretty big one.  I will have to lie about who I'm with and where I'm going and what I'm doing and how I'm getting there and back.  And then I have to lie about it afterwards.  Part of me is okay with that because I know I'm responsible, but part of me is saying it's not worth having to lie about it.

Gargh!  If only my mum were here.  Then everything would be fine.  One is an open house one with people from my school and the other one is a school play and the afterparty.  Grrrr.

OH in other news I really really really need to get my Ls, because I'm so darn lazy, and I've had like a year!  It's not very good.  I need it for ID.

Also - GO OBAMA!  Not really. 
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The question all girls ask themselves.... [01 May 2008|08:44pm]
Am I pretty?

Or variations, which include:  Am I hot?  Am I sexy?  Am I beautiful?  Am I cute?  Am I fuckable?  Do I turn heads?  Do people wince when they look at me?

Or..... WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!!  Do I look fugly and not like *insert name here*!!!! 

It is a question I, for one, have constantly asked myself.  When I was a really little kid (like... 5) I remember thinking one day in the car that I was "lucky" that I was pretty, and that other people weren't as fortunate as me.

I don't know what I was thinking.  I suppose it's all in perspective.

But then... I grew up!  And got bombarded by "the media"  (who are the media?). 

I am neither stunningly pretty (I'm pretty sure people know when they are) nor hideously ugly that makes people not want to look at me.  What confuses me is when people tell me I'm pretty or beautiful and I'm not sure if they mean it or not.  Well, they seem like they do, but maybe they're just trying to be nice.

So here's how I see myself:  Passable looking enough to make friends with both sexes, but not good looking enough to get romantic attraction from people.  (Note the use of people and not the opposite sex.  Heh heh).

So here are a list of things that I think are wrong with my face  (I'll leave it at my face or else this list will get too darn long):
- Lips are too big (this bugs me the most).  My top lip is bigger than my bottom (eek!) and they're all noticeable and squishy.  Eqwerk.  They're huge.  And I really don't like them.
- Eyes are small, Asian and I always have bags under my eyes.
- My skin has blemishes, half freckles and I generally look pale and wane
- My nose is flatish and my nostrils are too big
- My face is thin
- My teeth are pretty chat

But I do like my eyebrows!  And the shape of my face, which is oval.

Ermm..... I assume most people have similar sorts of complaints about their face.


WHO CARES?!?!?!?  Because it's better than having NO FACE AT ALL or THIRD DEGREE BURNS or BURNING IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!!!

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I heart life [16 Apr 2008|09:27am]
I've started writing a story that I will eventually put up on FictionPress if I can get a decent plot sorted.  So far it's 14 pages, woop woop.  I think it's good enough that if I read the first page I'd finish reading it.  So yeah, I'll keep working on that!  It's so wonderful to be able to write again.  It comes and goes in phases.

Today I'm going to hang out at my buddy Donna's place, and then we're going to the city to have dinner with some friends who I don't really like.  But hey, if you don't tell them I won't. 

Oh GUESS WHAT I just discovered I have $10,000!!!  I knew I had $5000, but then I got a letter from somewhere saying I have another $5000 in a term deposit, and I was like, score!  I think I might have to give it to my cousins so they can pay for their college fees though, and my grandma wants the interest from the accounts.  But still, at least various members of my extended family has $10,000!  Plus the interest is, like, crazy high.  Yeaaaah.
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Another quiz [15 Apr 2008|04:26pm]
Thank you semo28!  Now go talk to your mum!

1. Where did you take your default pic?
Some Skins forum.  Fantastic show.  Cassie rocks.

2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
Trackies, mens shirt, dressing gown.

3. What is your current problem?
Deciding how far I'm going to take the whole 'Christianity' thing and how legit it is.

4. What makes you happy?
My friends, reading the newspaper (not the news bits though), Harry Potter.

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I've been busy watching movies [14 Apr 2008|05:08pm]
In the last two days I've watched Jackass, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Queen, The Pianist and Revenge of the Nerds.

Fun fun!  They were all worth watching.  Here's a mini-review of all of them.

This was just crazy, exhilarating fun that keeps you ido the coolest stuff.  The one that freaked me out the most was the paper cuts one.  Eerck!  It was very masochistic.  A few reviews have noted its similarities with Fight Club and I definitely agree.  They both have  same concept of men releasing their natural need for violence out in a controlled environment.  I'd say it's worth watching but I wouldn't see it in cinema. 

The Pursuit of Happyness
Excellent chemistry between Will and his son.  Unlike other success movies it really gives you a feel for the rollercoaster ride, and the complete sense of desperation.  I thought the soundtrack was a bit off, and I could've done without the shot of the American flag.  I don't understand why the government didn't give them money, surely they were eligible for welfare payments?  Someone please explain to me why they weren't.

The Queen
I was only 7 when the whole thing happened so my memories are a bit hazy.  The acting was fantastic and it was a very good portrayal of what could have happened.  They clearly put a lot of thought into it.  I loved the dynamics between Blair and the Queen, and the whole idea of republican vs. monarch.  Real news footage was cleverly interwoven into the plot, it was a very interesting watch.

The Pianist
Very, very good although it didn't move me nearly as much as Life is Beautiful.  A must see for anyone studying WW2.  I think it needed more on the before and after of the war though, it focused a lot on Szpilman in hiding during the war.

Revenge of the Nerds
I learnt a lot about Frats and Sororities!  So that's what they were banging on about in Legally Blonde 2.  It's a pretty good film, although hopefully those stereotypes of nerds don't exist anymore.  The main cheerleader was gorgeous.  I love that look, it's similar to Lori Singer who is gorgeous.
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A really excellent meme [12 Apr 2008|10:18pm]
This is a pretty good meme.  Please do it!  I would love to learn more about you.  Yes, YOU!  Plus you'll learn more about yourself.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Travel around the world
2.) Have my own family
3.) Be successful.

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Fonge
2.) Lizzie
3.) Fongerina

Three Screen Names You Have Had (Other Than This One):
1.) wandless
2.) lil_dudess2000 (good ol' neopets)
3.) wandless990 (AIM)

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) My nails (healthy looking)
2.) The mole on my right hand, useful for figuring our right from left
3.) My feet (narrow and small)

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.) Australian
2.) Malaysian
3.) Chinese

Three Things That Scare You:
1.) Whether I'm going to heaven or hell after I die
2.) Christianity in general.  I worry whether my faith is misplaced or not enough.
3.) Ending up lonely

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Concert Time [12 Apr 2008|11:35am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night I went to the Operator Please concert!  I had a blast, made some new friends, it was super fun.  My jacket got stolen though.  I rather liked it.  I blame my mum.  She forced me to bring it with me even though I insisted that it's impossible to wear a jumper in a mosh pit.  *sigh*

I'd put photos up here except I didn't take any!  Oh well.  Once I get a decent camera I can take some, if they let me take a dSLR in, which I doubt they will.

I'm on school holidays now for two weeks!  Joy.  I feel like watching a movie.  Hrmm...

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Devasted and very annoyed [02 Apr 2008|07:19pm]
Wow. Another pissed off rant.

Remember that band that I bought tickets to see?  Operator Please?

They're having a free concert the next night.

What a waste of my $21.50!  Plus $5.45 P&H! 

In other news I keep getting Maths Error messages on my calculator and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

2 minutes later:  Ohh, it's an obtuse angle... Gargh silly Sine rule.
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Sick of listening to mediocre music [01 Apr 2008|04:38pm]
[ mood | angry ]

What is it with all the crap music now a days?

I just downloaded a whole heap of Razorlight songs, which many people seem to think is a good band, including the lovely Emma Watson.

I swear it was the most mediocre music I've ever heard.


Which is a lot.

I want REAL music.

I want the modern equivalent of The Beatles.


I've given up on all this indie rock crap.  It's all dull rubbish. 

Okay, that's a generalisation.  But people these days have such low standards in their music appreciation!!

I think I will wallow in misery and go back to listening to some old classics, like The Ramones and Frank Sinatra

The whole verse/chorus/verse etc. thing, and the whole 4/4 thing with lyrics is getting old. 

I want new music structures, I want unusual instruments (no more guitars, tight jeans and electric basses) and different time signatures.

I sound like a music teacher.


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Writer's Block: Sharing is Caring [29 Mar 2008|01:46pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

What do you most hate sharing with other people?

Most acquaintance friends who ask if they can have some of my food, so I say sure, but then they SIT THERE while I'm trying to EAT MY FOOD and TALK TO ME and then KEEP EATING LIKE HALF OF IT AND TELL ME HOW GREAT IT IS, and when I don't respond because my MOUTH IS FULL they're all like - what's wrong?  And I'm like - I'M FREAKING EATING AND YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF

Well, okay, this is one specific incident that made me want to rip said girls head open and spit in it (I think that's a movie quote).

I left school specifically to get myself some hot chips - I went and bought tomato sauce and everything.  Plus I was 10c short and the guy was nice enough to let me have them anyways.

I came back to school - 'OH YUMMM!'  She exclaims, with her stupid short fake blonde hair, and GETTING PISS DRUNK AND CONCERTS THE NIGHT BEFORE HER MATHS EXAMS.

She took like half of them!  And every time she did I could feel that bubbling anger inside me, BECAUSE YOU DON'T TAKE MORE THAN ONE HANDFUL OF MY FOOD UNLESS I'M SHARING THE WHOLE THING WITH YOU.

So then I told her to fuck off.


I was just like ... that's my lunch.  Back off.  Except... it wasn't really my lunch, because I had spaghetti in the fridge, so I had that afterwards.

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